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Patients can now enjoy the benefits of having their restored teeth in place on the same day as their dental implants. It usually involves the replacement of a full set of teeth (on the lower of the upper arch, or both) with implants providing support for a fixed dental bridge, as opposed to the use of removable dentures. The patient will leave the practice with a brand-new smile on the same day implants are placed

Benefits of Teeth In A Day

  • Fixed teeth in just one day.
  • No waiting for months for your new smile.
  • Fabulous looking teeth and a perfect bite right after treatment.
  • Extractions, surgery and teeth placement in just one day means no more multiple appointments are necessary.
  • Treatment time and cost are reduced

If you are concerned about any of the above symptoms please contact the practice as there are a variety of treatments we can offer to alleviate the pain and tooth wear associated with bruxism.

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